Next Gen CM/ECF

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Attention Bankruptcy CM/ECF Users: Although the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of New York is migrating to NextGen next week, the Bankruptcy Court is not currently scheduled to make the transition. You will continue to use the same credentials and process to login to the Bankruptcy Court's CM/ECF database as you always have. However, you will need to follow the direction (see below) from the USDC in order to login to their CM/ECF system. This will include logging into CM/ECF to pay your biennial registration fee.

Direction from USDC

The United States District Court for the Northern District of New York will be upgrading its CM/ECF software to the Next Generation (NextGen) of CM/ECF over the weekend of Friday, January 12, 2018. Effective, Monday, January 15, 2018, attorneys will no longer be able to log into their CM/ECF accounts as they currently do. Instead, attorneys will log into CM/ECF through a Central Sign-On (PACER) to file documents.

1) Attorneys will need to obtain their own individual PACER accounts. To obtain a new PACER account or upgrade an existing PACER account, please visit Shared PACER accounts will not be usable by filing attorneys once the court has upgraded.

Please see instructions for registering for a new PACER account:

Please see instructions for upgrading a current PACER account:

2) Attorneys will need to know their current CM/ECF Login and Password. If you do not know your login (bar roll number), please use the following to retrieve:

If you do not know your password, please use the password reset feature from the court's website:

For more information regarding the upgrade, please visit for updated information regarding NextGen. Please feel free to contact Daniel McAllister, Chief Deputy for Operations at (315) 234-8505 with any questions.