A person desiring to register as a Filing Agent for filing documents through the Court’s Case Management / Electronic Case Filing system on behalf of a Registered Filing User (an attorney or trustee registered with the Court as a CM/ECF user) must provide the information requested below.
This form must be signed by both the Filing Agent requesting a login and password and the Registered Filing User.

First step - Your Info


Last step - Signature

By signing and submitting this registration form, the Filing Agent agrees to abide by the following requirements:
  1. The Filing Agent agrees to adhere to all orders, rules and procedures of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of New York concerning the use of CM/ECF.
  2. Pursuant to Rule 9011 and Local Bankruptcy Rule 5005-2 ,electronically filed documents shall be signed by an attorney of record and that signature shall be indicated by “/s/” and the typed name of the person signing in the following format: “/s/ Jane Smith” on the signature line. The unique user name and password issued to each Registered Filing User and to each Filing Agent identifies the user upon login and constitutes the signature of the Registered Filing User.
  3. The Filing Agent must protect and secure the login and password issued by the Court. The login and password must be used exclusively by the Filing Agent on behalf of the Registered Filing User. The Filing Agent must not knowingly permit the login and password to be used by anyone who is not authorized. After the password has been issued by the Court, the Filling Agent is encouraged to change the password every 90 days. The Filing Agent must immediately notify the Court if misuse of a password is suspected.
  4. The Registered Filing User must immediately notify the Court if a Filing Agent is no longer authorized to act as a Filing Agent.
  5. The Filing Agent agrees to maintain the accuracy of his or her account (mailing address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address) and to notify the Court whenever there is a change to the account information.
  6. If the Filing Agent ceases to be an employee or agent of the firm on whose behalf documents are electronically filed, or for any other reason ceases to be authorized to file electronically, the Filing Agent will promptly notify the Court.
  7. At any time without advance notice, the Court may revoke the login and password of a Filing Agent or a Registered Filing User.

I hereby acknowledge that the above applicant is authorized to act on my behalf as a Filing Agent for filing documents in the Court’s Case Management/Electronic Case Filing system. I further acknowledge that any document filed by the above applicant as my Filing Agent is deemed to be signed and filed by me for purposes of Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 9011 and Local Bankruptcy Rule 5005.