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Clerk's Corner

Our Vision Statement

Our court uses state-of-art automation equipment and the most current technology available to better service the attorney and creditor communities. Our staff and court users communicate instantaneously through computers, automated systems, and teleconferencing.

Our staff consists of experienced professional people who value customer needs, and who remain the core of the court, they provide prompt, courteous, and personal service to all court users and fellow staff members alike. Additionally, our staff members are well trained and possess the ability to meet most customer needs.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the bankruptcy court is to:

  • administer equitable, complete and the timely administration of bankruptcy estates;
  • fairly and promptly hear disputes arising in bankruptcy matters;
  • and provide the complete and effective management of the bankruptcy process in the Northern District of New York.

The mission of the bankruptcy clerk's office is to:

  • be filers of papers and maintain the same in a current and accurate manner;
  • provide accurate non-legal information concerning cases and proceedings;
  • provide procedural guidance on court procedures;
  • provide timely notice according to the Bankruptcy Code and Rules, and to afford persons the opportunity to exercise their rights and pursue their remedies in a timely fashion;
  • to administratively manage cases and bring them to a close in a timely manner.


  • are professional public servants; are sworn to faithfully and impartially discharge our duties;
  • adhere to the ethical guidelines set forth in the Code of Conduct for Clerks and Deputy Clerks to preserve the integrity and dignity of the court and the public's respect for it;
  • take pride in our work and strive for quality and continuous improvement;
  • help each other develop our understanding of the bankruptcy process;
  • help each other develop technical and interpersonal skills to realize our potential as professionals and individuals.