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Transcript Information


  • Select one Transcription Service from the list of Court Approved Transcription Services.  See below link.
  • Complete Form AO 435 – Transcript Order Form.  See below link.

Be sure to choose your transcriber. The Clerk and Court cannot recommend a transcriber.

  • File the request in CM/ECF via Bankruptcy > Appeal > Request for Transcript re: Appeal or Bankruptcy > Other
    > Request for Transcript

Be sure to type into the docket text the name of the Transcription Service of your choice.  In the example below, 'YourChoiceTranscriber' is the name of the selected Transcription Service.

The Court will communicate your transcript request to your chosen transcriber.

If the transcript you are requesting has already been requested by another party, you will be provided information
regarding how to obtain a copy of the transcript.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Nicole Smith:        315-295-1686

Dawn Simmons:   315-295-1603


If you are not a registered user of CM/ECF, contact the court at the above phone numbers for instructions on
how to proceed. 

  • Complete Form AO 436 – CD/Tape OrderSee below link.
  • File the request in CM/ECF via Bankruptcy > Other > CD Request

The fee for the request is processed during filing.

A CD of the audio recording will be mailed to you unless you arrange for pick up.

AO 435 - Transcript Order Form

AO 436 - Audio Recording Order Form

Transcript Rates

List of Approved Transcription Services