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We are pleased to add this tab for all matters related to the NYNB Mediation Program found in the Court's Local Rules, Appendix IV. The Mediator Panel comprises the current listing of professionals approved for selection as a Mediator. It will be updated periodically as our Judges approve additional applicants for Mediator Panel service.

If you are interested in serving, please complete the application and forward to sends e-mail). You will be notified of the judges' determinations whether to appoint you to the Mediator Panel. Please check this site for information regarding local mediation training. Efforts are currently underway to organize a training to be held sometime in the Spring 2015. Thank you for your interest in the NYNB Mediation Program.

Cynthia A. Platt, Clerk of Court

Mediation Training May 8, 2015
Mediator Panel Pursuant to Northern District of New York Local Rules, Appendix IV § 4.1 (revised 5/3/2017)
Application for Appointment as Mediator Please email completed application to
Mediator's Affirmation